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Quote "Okay. On the count of three. Jump."
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Agent Chase is a Rank 1, The Robot Chronicles-themed Networker in My LEGO Network.

His description reads:

Agent Chase has tried it all, jumping out of helicopter, passing between speeding vehicles, dodging out of the most life-threatening situations. Agent Chase is always calm, regardless of the situation he will never panic-but he will act with urgency when it is required. He is quick to theorize plans and find a solution.

Page Trades

Below are all of the objects the user can obtain from Agent Chase's page:

Mail Trades

Below is a list of all of the objects the user can obtain in mail from Agent Chase:

Add Friend Message

Great. You're Here. Listen, we don't have much time. Don't think for a minute Doctor Inferno is actually trying [to] run a racing contest today. Our intel shows that he's up to no good. So get out there and track down his vehicles. You'll earn Agent Dossiers — special secret reports. Earn enough of them and you can get yourself an Agent's Rookie Badge. Over and out.

To Do List

Please note that this is the actual to-do list mailed to you. It contains some errors, though these are LEGO's mistakes. They are marked by [sic]~-start-0-stop~-start-0-stop~-start-1-stop

Friend List


  • On November 8th, 2009, users noticed that Agent Chase's avatar changes from his to red.

  • When the user befriends agent chase, his message states that the Agents Rookie Badge blueprint is on Foreman Frank's page.

    The glitch

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