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Agents is a LEGO theme. There are Agents Networkers and Stickers. LEGO Agents in My LEGO Network are part of The Robot Chronicles, along with City and Racers.


The Agents logo

Agents Stickers

Picture Name How to Obtain
MLN TRC Agents Bike Agents Bike Sticker Send Agent Chase the "Gimme a Sticker" message.
MLN TRC Agents Car Agents Car Sticker Unknown
MLN TRC Agents Chopper Agents Chopper Sticker Unknown
MLN TRC Agents Jet Agents Jet Sticker Win the "Infestation" level in The Robot Chronicles Game.
MLN TRC Agents Rocket Bike Agents Rocket Bike Sticker Send Agent Chase the "Gimme a Sticker" message.
MLN TRC Inferno Bike Inferno Bike Sticker Unknown
MLN TRC Slime Chopper Inferno Chopper Sticker Send Dr Inferno the "Gimme a Sticker" message or trade 3 Agent's Dossiers on Agent Chase's page.
MLN TRC Inferno Jeep Inferno Jeep Sticker Unknown
InfernoRobot Inferno Robot Sticker Trade 5 Magma Drones on Dr Inferno's page.
MLN TRC Magma Bot Magma Bot Sticker Unknown

Agents Networkers

Agent Chase Close Up

Agent Chase

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