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In the BIONICLE storyline, Agori are villagers that take care of the work. In the BIONICLE mini-Rank, the Agori are partnered with the Glatorian and give out the Agori Honor Badges. There are six Agori Networkers and six Glatorian Networkers, one of which is a secret Networker.

Raanu starts the BIONICLE mini-Rank and provides the user with the Agori Honor Badge, Rank 1 Blueprint. The task the user does for Raanu in My LEGO Network corresponds to what an unnamed Agori did for him in the storyline.

Agori Networkers
Raanu (Fire Tribe)
Berix (Water Tribe)
Atakus (Rock Tribe)
Zesk (Sand Tribe)
Tarduk (Jungle Tribe)
Metus (Ice Tribe)
Glatorian Networkers
Malum (Fire Tribe)
Tarix (Water Tribe)
Skrall (Rock Tribe)
Vorox (Sand Tribe)
Gresh (Jungle Tribe)
Strakk (Ice Tribe)

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