Ambush Module refers to any Module that appears identical to another Module, but, when clicked, causes the user to lose some Items in his/her inventory, and display an animation different from the original Module to indicate that the user has been tricked. The term is not officially used by The LEGO Group, but it has become part of the standard vocabulary.

My LEGO Network fans often consider the ownership of one or more ambush Modules to be unethical.

There are three ambush Module types: the Rank 4 Dino Ambush Module series, the Star Justice Interstellar Ambush Module, and the BIONICLE Desert Ambush Sticker Module. These impersonate the Dino Grazing Module series, the Space Probe Mission Module, and the Desert Adventure Sticker Module, respectively.

The only reliable way to tell whether another user's Module is not an ambush Module is by clicking. When an ambush Module is clicked, it occasionally sends out a warning message to everyone on the owner's Friend List.


The Dino Ambush Module, Rank 2 has an error that swaps the title and description.

Ambush Modules

Ambush Modules
Dino Ambush Module, Rank 1 | Dino Ambush Module, Rank 2 | Dino Ambush Module, Rank 3 | Interstellar Ambush Module | Desert Ambush Module

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