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Arcade Token
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Rank of Introduction Rank 0
Description The Arcade token proves your high gaming skills. Who knows, these might come in handy at some point
Use To play arcade games
How to Obtain From various Networkers, including Extralife, Cheatcode, Echo, Captain Lasse, and Friendly Felix
Cost to Build None
Mailable? No
Blueprint? None
XML ID 00011ad1
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The Arcade Token is a non-mailable Item. It is awarded by Captain Lasse to all the users that managed to beat the Rocket Game with over 250 points. If a user sets up an Arcade Module on their page, they will be able to harvest one Arcade Token every time it is played. Users can also get tokens from trades on Cheatcode's, Extralife's, and Friendly Felix's pages. Arcade Tokens can also be won from most of the arcade Modules as well.


The Arcade Token is needed to play arcade games such as:

How to Obtain

There are several different ways to obtain Arcade Tokens:

  • Harvesting from the user's own Arcade Modules whenever they are played. 
  • Replying to F. Stop Clikzgerald's letters about purchasing custom Minifigures, he sends the user an Arcade Token. (No longer available)
  • A user gets a message with an Arcade Token from Echo every time a friend makes a new Arcade game. Possibly due to a glitch, sometimes when a user sets up a module after a harvest (not a tear down) an Arcade Token will also be sent. Also due to another glitch, it is possible that you recieve an Arcade Token every time somebody plays one of your friend's arcade Modules.
  • Every time the user gets the Hop Arcade Blueprint, Echo will send a mail with an arcade token.
  • Trading with the Networkers Cheatcode, Extralife, and Friendly Felix.
  • Winning the Rocket Game with a score of 1:5.
  • Winning arcade modules.
  • Defeating Dr. Inferno in The Robot Chronicles Game. You will receive 3 Arcade Tokens from Agent Chase in your Mailbox.

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