This article is about the Networker. You may be looking for the tool in the MLN Mail.

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Attachment is a Networker with two Badges, the LEGO World Event Badge and the Star Justice Deputy Badge. His page uses the LEGO Universe Skin but lacks any Modules. There is some controversy over whether Attachment is truly a Networker or a user who has hacked MLN using the XML.

When a user attempts to befriend Attachment he will remain in the "Unapproved" tab of the Friend List, with a status of "pending". Attempts to 'Sign In' as Attachment gives a 'wrong password' warning as opposed to the 'The username does not exist.' message generated when attempting to 'Sign In' as other Networkers, such as Echo.

He has two friends, Echo and Kludge Dropcolumn. However, when you go to either Kludge's or Echo's page, Attachment will not appear in their friend list, even though he's a "Networker". Normally the Beta Tester Badge is required to befriend Kludge Dropcolumn but Attachment does not have it. He has the Star Justice Deputy Badge and could also befriend Capt Reynolds, but has not.

Recently if you search Attachment the page will not show up but only some can enter his page. On some computers when you type in his name the adobe flash player slows down, and can prevent viewers from even seeing his page.

There is also a chance that the user will be sent back to his or hers public page when users attempt to gain access to Attachment's page.

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