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Minimum Rank to Start Rank 3
Item Primarily Used Beta Bugs
How to Start Accept a Beta Test challenge
Reward for Completing The Beta Tester Badge and two Beta-exclusive Modules
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Beta is a primarily technical term referring to a pre-release version of an application which has not been fully debugged. The job of a Beta Tester is to report and eliminate these bugs, so the feature can be released into the community with the bugs eliminated.

Beta is also an MLN mini-Rank that a user can access only if they were in MLN during the Beta Period. If the Beta Tester achieved at least Rank 1 during the Beta Period of the game, they also received Echo's Letter of Thanks and everyone who participated obtained the Beta Tester Badge from Echo.

The Echo's Letter of Thanks allowed them to befriend Kludge Dropcolumn, and the Beta Tester Badge allowed them to click and create a Pet Glitch Module, Rank 1 and Rank 2, and to collect special Items like Beta Bugs and Blue Screens of Sadness. You can trade the Screens for Bricks. This can be a shortcut for getting the Lego Club Magazine Rank 3 Module.

Many people believe that the Beta Badge now has a second-chance offer, since a letter from Pedalman Wheelie was sent to everyone Rank 3 or over, which asked them to participate in Beta Testing for a new LEGO Racers Challenge. The chance has since been disproven and the Beta Badge is still unobtainable, however LEGO has made a new Badge for Beta Testing the game: The LEGO Racers Challenge Beta Tester Badge.

Beta Bug | Blue Screen of Sadness | Echo's Letter of Thanks
Pet Glitch Module, Rank 1 | Pet Glitch Module, Rank 2

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