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The Beta Period is known as the period before My LEGO Network's official release. Members could freely try out the Network during this time. When MLN was officially released, members that tried it out during the Beta Testing Period got the Beta Tester Badge from Echo. The badge allowed them to befriend Kludge Dropcolumn.

Before went live with My LEGO Network, LEGO had a beta period where some LEGO Club Members helped test the different functionality and also gave LEGO valuable feedback on the user experience. The Beta testers were awarded a Beta Badge for their big help.

During the Beta Period anyone who got Rank 3 or above gained a Module when the Beta Period was over, the Module was a Pet Glitch Module, Rank 1. All users that where below Rank 3 could have the option if when clicking a Pet Glitch Module, Rank 1 to sometimes get a Beta Bug (the Beta Tester Badge was needed to click one). With the Beta Bugs on Kludge Dropcolumn's page you could trade for a Pet Glitch Module, Rank 2.

To date the Beta Modules, Items and Networkers are unobtainable for new users.

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