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Blue LEGO Brick
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Rank Rank 2
Obtain From Clicking Millstone Hurling Modules, harvesting from Water Mill Modules, Quixotic Gallery Modules, LEGO Club Magazine Module, Rank 2, Pet Glitch Module, Rank 2
XML ID 0000acc6
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Blue LEGO Bricks are the second kind of Brick in MLN. Their introduction is in Rank 0 (by Arcade modules) and their main use is in Rank 2, but they have various uses in later Ranks as well, such as Rank 3 for building Race Cars and Stunt Cars.

How to Obtain

General Public
LEGO Club Members
Beta Testers

Used for

Harvest Rates

  • For General Public (without clicks):
12 Water Mill Modules - 120 Blue LEGO Bricks per day.
12 LEGO Club Magazine Module, Rank 2s - 120 Blue LEGO Bricks per day. (This is better than the Water Mill due to gaining two bricks per click instead of one per two clicks.)
12 Pet Glitch Module, Rank 2s - 240 Blue LEGO Bricks per day
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