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Rank of Introduction Rank 8
Description Offensive unit for the House of Gauntlets used in Garrisons and against Barracks
Use Barrack Module, and to attack Garrison Module
How to Obtain Trade 1 Shield of Speed on Siege Sunder's page for the Blueprint
Cost to Build 5 Green Bricks
Mailable? Yes
Blueprint? Yes
XML ID 0000c7f5
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A Bowman is a mailable Rank 8 Item used to set up Barracks and to attack Garrisons. It is considered a House of Gauntlets Item. It is the opposite of a Pikeman.

How to Obtain

Users can obtain the Blueprint for the Bowman on Siege Sunder's page for one Shield of Speed.

Required to Build

Bowman blue

The Blueprint

See Also

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