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Captain Lasse
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Rank Rank 10
Theme My LEGO Network
Quote Hallo. We're looking for some trades yeah, so look around.
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Captain Lasse is a Rank 10 Networker that helps Rank 9 players get to Rank 10, and sends players prizes from the Rocket Game Module. He is said to be born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark.

His MLN description reads:

Lasse joined the Danish Air Force right out of school. It was there he first met Albert Leo Hobolt, who has since become his Commander. Lasse earned his rank while stationed in Hawaii while with NATO, working in the Surf to Space Program. These days the Captain is the oldest and most experienced pilot in Fleet Command. He's been known to show up wearing surfer boots, as he claims flight boots don't fit as comfortably. He's a good-humored guy who enters championship bowling competitions to relax. Commander Hobolt calls him "The Big Bowloski."

Page Trades

Mail Trade

Rocket Game

When a member wins a Rocket Game, they get a message from Captain Lasse containing a prize. If they missed some of the obstacles and aliens, they get a few Bricks. How many and what kind of Brick depends on what theme the Rocket Game was or how well the player did. If they destroyed all the obstacles and aliens, they are sent an Arcade Token, which Lasse says may be useful in the future.

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