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Code Module
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Code entry
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Rank of Introduction Rank 0
Description Unlocks secrets...
Slots 1 Slot
Stats Users can get rewards and exclusive Items by typing a valid code into this Module
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This page is semi-protected, that is, anonymous users are not permitted to edit this.
The reason given is: No code-leaking.

The Code Module is a Networker-only Module that gives rewards and exclusive Items by entering a valid code. At the moment, only the code for the LEGO World Event Badge is known. The Module used to be available at Echo's page, but has now been removed, probably due to abuse.

It is also known that Jack Drill gives players a BIONICLE Sticker for a code, but it is unknown if it is through this Module or by other means.

An object resembling the Code Module is used in the LEGO City Construction Game when selecting Random ("?").

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