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Description Choose the right vehicle to avoid the obstacles
Prizes Seven LEGO City themed items
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Construction is a LEGO City-themed game. The game awards exclusive Items that can be displayed in a LEGO City Trophy Module. There are seven awards in total.

Game Play

The game is divided into various levels in which the user must move a character horizontally through a street. The level is completed by moving the character to the goal.

In the street are various obstacles. The user may move through these obstacles by flying, jumping, and/or smashing (the combination depends on the obstacle). If the user chooses to move through two or more theoretically identical obstacles, the user may only choose the method for the first obstacle.

Each time the user changes to fly, jump, or smash, the user loses a number of bricks. There is a lower limit for the number of bricks a user may have at the end of the level to progress to the next level. The user loses one brick for every second that passes by. The user may also gain bonus bricks by hovering their mouse over minifigures that pop out of the buildings in the background.

In the later levels, the user will find service stations that, if collected, will unlock certain vehicles. These will also swap your minifigure. To finish the level, one must have a particular minifigure.

Depending on what stations were collected and how the user finished the level, the user may collect vehicles in his/her garage. After collecting a particular group of vehicles, the user can obtain one of seven awards for My LEGO Network.

In the game you can unlock secrets levels by using a code, the difference is that you don't get any prize by wining the game, you only have more levels to play.

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