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Cottage Plumbing
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Cottage Plumbing
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Rank of Introduction Rank 5
Description The plumbing for your Craftsman's Cottage Masterpiece
Use Make the Craftsman's Cottage Masterpiece
How to Obtain Send Dip Gimlet a Plumbing Permit
Cost to Build 50 Pipes, 20 Orange Bricks, 10 Purple Bricks
Mailable? No
Blueprint? Yes
XML ID 0000b05b
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The Cottage Plumbing is a non-mailable Rank 5 Item obtained by sending Dip Gimlet a Plumbing Permit. The Cottage Plumbing is one of the components of the Craftsman's Cottage Masterpiece.

How to Obtain

Send Dip Gimlet the Plumbing Permit for the Blueprint.

Required to Build

Cottage plumbing b

The Blueprint


This Item is one of the four main components for the Craftsman's Cottage Masterpiece. For this Masterpiece, the Cottage Plumbing, the Cottage Electrical System, the Cottage Roof, the Cottage Foundation and 100 Nails are needed.

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