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Cruiser Stealth System
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Rank of Introduction Rank 9
Description Used to mask the Intergalactic Cruiser's coordinates in deep space
Use To Build the Cruiser Command Center
How to Obtain Obtained From A Stardust Sticker Module
Cost to Build 10 Transparent Bricks, 20 Nebular Crystals and 10 Fairy Dust
Mailable? No
Blueprint? Yes
XML ID 0000c832
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The Cruiser Stealth System is a non-mailable Rank 9 Item and is a component of the Cruiser Command Center which is one of the four essential components to build the Intergalactic Cruiser Masterpiece.

How to Obtain

The Blueprint is obtained by harvesting a Stardust Sticker Module after 350 clicks.

Required to Build

Stealth b

The Blueprint


This Item is a component of the Cruiser Command Center which is one of the four components to construct the Intergalactic Cruiser Masterpiece. You only need one Cruiser Stealth System to build it.

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