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Cyrogentic Sleep Unit
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Rank of Introduction Rank 9
Description Used for deep space travel
Use Building Intergalactic Cruiser sub-parts
How to Obtain Trade at PAL's page for 2 Transparent Bricks
Cost to Build 10 Transparent Bricks, 10 Nebular Crystals, 10 Fairy Dusts, and 1 Heroic Story
Mailable? Yes
Blueprint? Yes
XML ID 0000c836
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The Cyrogentic Sleep Unit [sic] is a mailable Rank 9 Item. Due to a misspelling by LEGO, this Item should be named the Cryogenic Sleep Unit.

How to Obtain

Trade PAL two Transparent LEGO Bricks for the Blueprint.

Required to Build

Sleep b

The Blueprint



  • The Cryogentic Sleep Unit is arguably the hardest Item to obtain on MLN, due to all the Nebular Crystals required to build it.
  • It is unofficially abbreviated as "CSU".

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