Spoiler warning: The following article or section is about a secret Networker or other hidden information within MLN.
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Dead Letter Postman
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Rank Rank 0
Theme My LEGO Network
Quote All mail going nowhere comes to me in the end.
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Dead Letter Postman is a Rank 0 secret Networker who can befriend users of any Rank. He handles all letters and packages in My LEGO Network. It is said that he has been a postman for 185 years.

His MLN description reads:

The Dead Letter Postman handles all forgotten letters and packages in My LEGO Network. If you have stumbled upon his page, perhaps it's because you received a message from a user who no longer exists in the system.

He has been known to send a message to users using the Invisible Avatar Glitch or Echo's Avatar Glitch, or other hacks, warning them that if they make any more illegal changes to code, their accounts would be terminated.

"Listen up younglings – I see what you’ve done there with your avatar, making it all see-through and what not. Well, alls I can say is that you don’t want to go messing around too much with this here postal system – or you may end up wandering the halls of the dead letter post office for a while. I can’t rightly tell you it’s a fun kinda wandering neither. But I have to tip my hat to you for trying something creative! That’s what My LEGO Network is all about – but just don’t want to see mess with the wrong piece of code and ruin your account or somebody else's good times. So if you could be so kind as to re-visible yourself, I think we can agree to a “no harm done”? But let’s not try it again, for the sake of your account and for your fellow Networkers – especially the old, cranky ones like me!"
Dead Letter Postman

Dead Letter Postman's Networker Pic Module.

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