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Digging Fine Receipt
MLN Item Skin Frame Top
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Rank of Introduction Rank 5
Description Proof that you paid your fine from the Dinosaur Excavation
Use Trade with Connie Crete for Orange Mixing Truck Blueprint
How to Obtain Trade Bur O Crat 30 Green Bricks
Cost to Build None
Mailable? Yes
Blueprint? None
XML ID 0000b04e
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The Digging Fine Receipt is a mailable Rank 5 Item used to get the Orange Mixing Truck Module Blueprint.

How to Obtain

This Item can be obtained by trading Bur O Crat thirty Green LEGO Bricks.


Send it to Connie Crete to receive the Orange Mixing Truck Module Blueprint. This Module is virtually useless if one has a Gated Garden Module.

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