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Rank Rank 8
Theme My LEGO Network
Quote Vihow, Hehewuti, Kotori and Achaki are my Tribal Elders and would teach you some of the Brickota traditions. But you'd probably better start with me first
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Dolill is a Rank 8 Networker who assists players in reaching Rank 8 themselves.You must be Rank 7 to befriend her.

Her page description reads:

Dolill is the oldest child of Chief Vihow and Hehewuti of the Brickota tribe. She is skilled in Martial Arts like her brother and often leads patrols around the tribal territory searching for poachers. She is loyal and good humored. Loves music and plays and collects electric guitars.

On her page, she offers the Friendship Bracelet Blueprint for one Electric Guitar, the Pet Snake Module Blueprint for one Friendship Bracelet, and one Totemic Fang for five Red LEGO Bricks.

On her page, she has a Loop Shoppe that offers the Drums 3 Loop for one Hit Single.

Mail Trades

If you mail her a Hypnotic Frequency Machine she will affirm her love for Izzy Bop.

Send her the "I wanna Rock! Send me a Loop Please." message for the Drums 7 Loop.

Dolill's Friend's

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