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Dr. Inferno's Robot Simulator Module
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MLN Inferno Robot Simulator Arcade Module
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Rank of Introduction The Robot Chronicles
Description Building with LEGO is the ultimate fun but taking your creations apart comes in a close second - that's what MLN Arcades Destructoid is all about!
Slots 3
How to Obtain Trade Dr Inferno's 30 Magma Drones
Cost to Build 5 Clippings
Stats Guest can play Doctor Inferno's Robot Simulator game by clicking to activate and spending 1 Arcade Token. Owner of this Arcade Game will receive 1 Arcade Token each time this happens. Limit 5 Arcade Tokens per harvest. Guest can win exclusive Items.
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Dr. Inferno's Robot Simulator Module is a Robot Chronicles themed Arcade Module available on Dr Inferno's Trade Module.

How to Obtain

This Arcade Module can be obtained by trading Dr Inferno thirty Magma Drones on his Trade Module.

Required to Build


The Blueprint


The game consists of a set of obstacles that can be stacked up to three high in a column. Each of the obstacles takes on one of the following forms: one-hit, two-hit, three-hit, green bomb, or star. The user destroys the obstacles by walking to them (using the a and s key) and knocking them, using the 1 key to knock an obstacle at the top, the 2 key to knock an obstacle in the middle, and the 3 key to knock an obstacle on the ground. Each knock removes energy from the energy meter. A top obstacle costs 1 energy per knock, a middle obstacle costs 2 energy per knock, and the bottom obstacle costs 5 energy per knock. Bombs "explode" all the obstacles in their column and require a single knock to trigger. Stars give back 15 units of energy but they require the obstacle be destroyed by a user knock to trigger.

To win, the user must clear the screen of all obstacles using the same or less energy than the module owner used when creating the game.

Gameplay Hints

  • Obstacles are given a free knock when they hit the ground. Thus if an obstacle hits the ground in its nearly destroyed state it will receive a knock and be destroyed. To save energy don't destroy first and second level obstacles. Knock them until they are in their nearly destroyed state and then destroy the third level obstacle.
  • If the column contains a bomb, hit that obstacle to remove all the obstacles. If the column contains multiple bombs, hit the highest bomb.
  • Stars will return energy only if their obstacle is destroyed by a user knock. Using a bomb or allowing a nearly destroyed star obstacle to hit the ground will not return energy.



  • The gameplay and the flying description are the same as the MLN Destructoid module.

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