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Elemental Air Gallery Module
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Elemental Air Gallery Module
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Rank of Introduction Rank 7
Description Show off your Sticker Compositions and create Elemental Air!
Slots 2 Slots
How to Obtain It is acquired by sending Achaki a Friendship Bracelet
Cost to Build 4 Friendship Bracelet, 1 Orange Brick, 1 Purple Brick, 5 Green Bricks
Stats Creates 1 Elemental Air per day, plus 1 for every 1 click. Limit 2 Elemental Air per harvest. Guests receive 1 Totemic Feed for each click spent on this module
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The Elemental Air Gallery Module is a Rank 7 Module which displays the owners Gallery creation.

How to Obtain

You can get the Blueprint by sending Achaki a Friendship Bracelet. He'll then send you the Blueprint.

Required to Build

Elemental air blue

The Blueprint


It grows one Elemental Wind per day, plus one for every one click. Limit two per harvest. For every click, the guest receives a Totemic Feed.


An unusual error that occurs on all the Elemental Modules which causes the harvest limit to increase to two. The number of clicks needed to create each extra element is set to one.


The module description reads " 1 for every 20 clicks." but it creates another Elemental Wind for every click, not 20.

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