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Elemental Earth
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Rank of Introduction Rank 7
Additional Rank(s) Rank 8
Description Powerful Primal Element used in the creation of Totem Animals
Use Creating Totemic Animals (rank 7) and obtaining shields (rank 8)
How to Obtain Harvested from Elemental Earth Gallery Module
Cost to Build None
Mailable? Yes
Blueprint? None
XML ID 0000c7de
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The Elemental Earth is a primal Element used in the creation of Totemic Animals in Rank 7 and Rank 8. This item is obtained by harvesting from an Elemental Earth Gallery Module. Elemental Earth is used in the creation of Totemic Animals which are need for the Brickota Totem Pole Masterpiece in Rank 7 or to build Shields in Rank 8.

The description of the Elemental Earth Gallery Module states that one Elemental Earth can be harvested for every twenty clicks. This is incorrect as one Elemental Earth is obtained per click.


Elemental Earth is used in the creation of:

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