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Foreman Frank
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Quote Hey there! No disrespect or nothin' but can we talk when I'm not on the job? I gotta crane load of girders coming going up in thirty seconds.
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Foreman Frank is a Robot Chronicles themed Rank 1 Networker.

His description reads:

Foreman Frank has run just about every construction site in LEGO City over the course of his thirty year career. He takes his career very seriously and expects nothing but the best from his crew. Frank will often stare out at the LEGO City skyline with pride and say 'Those guys — they are my babies — every one of them!'

Hey there! No disrespect or nothin' but can we talk when I'm not on the job? I gotta crane load of girders coming going up in thirty seconds.

Page Trades

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Mail Trades

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Add Friend Message

Where you been? I thought you were supposed to be here five minutes ago? Sorry — no disrespect of nothing there's just a lot going on right now. I gotta three project sites blocked because of this strange rash of wrecked vehicles. What I need you to do is get in the tow truck and clear the roads. Got it? Good! Do that to collect Hardhats and you'll have the LEGO City Rookie Badge in no time. Thanks a million.

To Do List

Please note that this is the actual to-do list mailed to you. It contains some errors, though these are LEGO's mistakes. They are marked by [sic]

Friend List

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