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Hi! Welcome to the Trade Market! Here, you can discuss trades with other users. Please remember to sign your posts with ~~~~. Also, don't forget to mention your username.

Ranks 0 and 1
Ranks 2 and 3
Ranks 4 and 5
Ranks 6 and 7
Ranks 8 through 10
Star Justice

Personal Stores

If you have a personal market hosted on your userpage or user-subpage, feel free to edit the {{shopnav}} template.

18tanzc's Super Store The RedBrick Marketplace Cody's Emporium! Bluey's Shed
The Awesome MLN Store Bricks 'n More ~The BattleStore~ Itemania
A LEGO Brick indicates that the store has been approved by the Administrators


Block/click deal. One user blocks all of the friends on his friendlist except for the one he's making the deal with. She then clicks a lot on his modules and receives the items, while he gets the clicks he wants.

Click/click deal. Same as the block/click deal, but there is no blocking. This is generally encouraged, since blocking is often taken seriously by more sensitive users.

Click request. A request to click on one's Modules.

Infotrade. A trade where one or both of the sides of the deal is giving out information, such as a code or a secret Networker. These are often dishonest, and if you want information, it can be found at a reliable data source (like us.)

One-way trade. A method of cheating where one user doesn't give his part of the deal.

Trick request. A click request involving an Ambush Module, but the clicker hasn't been warned of it.

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