This diagram shows the symbols that appear on your friendlist.

The Friend List is a list of friends in My LEGO Network. In each Rank users achieve, users have the ability to have new Networker friends.

The friend list contains three tabs. The first one, "Approved," contains friends that are on the friend list. The second, "Unapproved," are friend requests that have not been approved at the current time. The tab will flash lightgray if you have users wanting to be your friend. The third and final tab, "Blocked," contains friends that you have blocked from your friend list.

There are many features available to manage friends:

  • Users can see which users are requesting to become friends with users.
  • Conversely, users can see who you are requesting.
  • Users can block, unblock, and remove friends.
  • Users can sort the friends and Networkers on their friend list either alphabetically or by Rank.

Users can have a maximum of 100 friends; this limit doesn't count Networkers but does include pending and blocked friends.

Users may receive a message for each user who blocks, unblocks, or deletes you off their friend list.

Reasons for having friends