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What is a My LEGO Page Soundtrack Loop?

My LEGO Network Page Soundtrack Loops are small audio clips that can be added to your Soundtrack Module, so you can build your own music for your My LEGO Page. There are many special loops hidden all over!

Don’t forget to click on your friends’ Soundtrack Modules, you'll help them rise to the top of the charts!

Want some cool loops?

Step 1: Stop by Farmer John's page

Step 2: Add him to your friend list.

Step 3: Send him a message that says "I wanna rock!" That’s all there is to it!

There are eight groups of Loops:
Loop Shoppe

Loops are played on a Loop Shoppe

  1. Classical
  2. Country
  3. Electronic
  4. Hip Hop
  5. Jazz
  6. Other
  7. Rock
  8. Sound Effect

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