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Heroic Story
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Heroic Story
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Rank of Introduction Rank 2
Additional Rank(s) Rank 7, Rank 8 and Rank 9
Description An epic tale of knights, chivalry and times of yore
Use Mail Don Brickote one for a Windmill Tilter Blueprint
How to Obtain By clicking a Quixotic Gallery Module or by playing a Delivery Arcade Game
Cost to Build None
Mailable? Yes
Blueprint? None
XML ID 0000acdb
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A Heroic Story is a mailable Item introduced to users in Rank 2. It is also used in Ranks 6, 7, 8, and 9. Its description reads "An epic tale of Knights, chivalry, and times of yore".

A Heroic Story can be obtained by clicking on a Quixotic Gallery Module a few times, or by being friends with someone who has a Quixotic Gallery Module on their page and be sent one by mail. There is also a 24% chance of winning a Heroic Story by playing a Delivery Arcade Game. All of these are based on chance. There is no Blueprint for this item.


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