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Honey Pie
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Honey Pie
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Rank of Introduction Rank 1
Description A very sweet pie indeed
Use Mail to Henrietta to obtain the Apple Butter Blueprint
How to Obtain Mail Henrietta an Apple Pie
Cost to Build 5 Apples and 1 Honey Pot
Mailable? Yes
Blueprint? Yes
XML ID 0000aa37
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The Honey Pie is a mailable Item used in Rank 1. It has only one known use: by sending Henrietta a Honey Pie through mail, players obtain the Apple Butter Blueprint.

How to Obtain

The Blueprint for this item can be obtained by mailing an Apple Pie to Henrietta, or by winning the Delivery Arcade Game, in which there is a 19% chance to win one Honey Pie (without the Blueprint).

Required to Build

Honey Pie Blueprint

The Blueprint

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