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Hop Arcade Game
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Rank of Introduction Rank 0
Description Make your own obstacle course with MLN Hop Arcade game. Your friends will jump and duck to a mini-game of your own design! You can even customize the background, character and obstacles
Slots 3 Slots
How to Obtain Trade Echo 150 Red Bricks on his page
Cost to Build 20 Red Bricks
Stats Guest can play Hop Arcade game by clicking to activate and spending 1 Arcade Token. Owner of this Arcade Game will receive 1 Arcade Token each time this happens. Limit 5 Arcade Tokens per harvest. Guest can win exclusive items such as Stickers, Arcade Tokens, Red, Yellow or Blue Bricks, etc.
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The Hop Arcade Game an Arcade game Module. Its Blueprint is obtainable from Echo's page for 150 Red LEGO Bricks. It costs 20 Red LEGO Bricks to build and one Arcade Token to run. Guests can play the Hop Arcade Game by spending one Arcade Token.

If a player gets the Blueprint from Echo's page, they will receive a mail from Echo with an Arcade Token attached. That Token can be used to set up the game.

The Blueprint


It costs one Arcade Token to play. Guests play as a minifigure trying to run through a sideways scrolling obstacle course created by the owner. The goal is to get to the end without bumping into any obstacles by jumping or ducking under trees, rocks, etc.


  • LEGO bricks or stone obstacles can be placed on the ground to be hopped over.
  • Birds or tree branch obstacles can be placed in the sky to be ducked under.
  • Two types of speed-up blocks can be placed that make the character run faster and with longer strides when they run into the blocks.



  • Hop and Destructoid are the only arcade games where the owner can truly make impossible to lose. This is achieved by putting no obstacles at all in the game.
  • Contrary to the description, neither the character nor the background can be customized.

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