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Interstellar Ambush Module
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Rank of Introduction Space Star Justice
Description Trick your friends into losing their space probes!
Slots 1 Slot
How to Obtain Mail a secret Networker a Space Fuel Cell
Cost to Build A Space Probe and 10 Space Fuel Cells
Stats Guests unknowingly risks 1 Space Probe. If ambushed, the guest loses their Space Probe and the Owner receives a Lost Space Probe. There is a small chance a mail will go out a person on the owner's friendlist to inform them of their treachery
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The Interstellar Ambush Module is an ambush Module made to impersonate the Space Probe Mission Module.

When clicked, the guest loses their Space Probe, and the owner gains one Lost Space Probe. The limit is three Lost Space Probes per harvest. After obtaining twenty Lost Space Probes, they can be traded with Bob Skull to get the Space Skull Badge Blueprint.

To indicate to a user that they have been tricked, the user sees a red curtain adorned with a skull logo drop in front of the Module. Unfortunately for the user, this occasionally does not happen.

Required to Build

Interstellar Ambush Module Blueprint

The Blueprint

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