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Kata Sparbot
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Rank of Introduction LEGO Universe
Description This robot really lets a ninja perfect their sneaking
Use Trade 4 on Numb Chuck's page for Endless Ohm
How to Obtain Trade for 20 Plastic Pellets on Numb Chuck's page
Cost to Build 5 Cannon Scrap, 5 Plastic Pellets
Mailable? No
Blueprint? Yes
XML ID 000181a0
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The Kata Sparbot is a non-mailable Item from the LEGO Universe Campaign. The Blueprint for this Item can be obtained from Numb Chuck's page for 20 Plastic Pellets. 4 Kata Sparbots are needed to trade for the Endless Ohm on Numb Chuck's page.

Required to Build

Kata Sparbot Blueprint

The Blueprint


In martial arts, a kata is a string of blocks, punches, kicks, and other strikes with kat positions interspersed among them.

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