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LEGO Insider Badge
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Insider badge
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Obtain From The LEGO Company
Theme My LEGO Network
Description Awarded to those who traveled to Billund, Denmark to see the LEGO Company in person!
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The LEGO Insider Badge is a Badge awarded to those who have gone to Billund in Denmark to see the LEGO Company in person. No other information is currently available, and this Badge is not even on the Official Badge List.

How to Obtain

Only a small minority of users are known to have this Badge; a few are Vakamavahi, dianawong, and medwav. Vakamavahi in particular has achieved a level of notoriety for owning it.

Based on the descriptions, this Badge is a follow-on to the LEGO Creativity Badge, because if users accept the invitation from the LEGO Creativity Badge and actually go to see the LEGO Company, they will get this Badge.

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