Retuned Tuning Fork

Retuned Tuning Fork

Note:This rank is no longer possible due to the LEGO Universe Creation Lab being taken down.

In 2009 the LEGO Universe campaign was unveiled and introduced 4 additional Networkers, several Items and 3 Modules. Below is a walkthrough to this campaign.

New Friends

Plastic Pellets

LEGO Universe Creation Lab Badge

  • On Prof Brickkeeper's page trade 50 Plastic Pellets for the LEGO Universe Creation Lab Badge Blueprint.
  • Build the LEGO Universe Creation Lab Badge. This badge costs 75 Plastic Pellets to build.
  • You can now befriend Captain Jack Knife and Numb Chuck.

Retuned Tuning Fork Blueprint


Click the "Get Blueprint" link to obtain the Returned Tuning Fork's Blueprint.

  • The standard way to receive the Blueprint
    • Submit a creation to the LEGO Universe My LEGO Network challenge (on the LEGO Universe part of the LEGO website) and have it accepted.
    • Head over to the unlock reward page and collect the Blueprint for the Retuned Tuning Fork.
  • The quick way to receive the Blueprint
    • For a short period of time users would receive a Pirate Wallpaper. For those that received the wallpaper, this method also allows them to receive the Retuned Tuning Fork.
    • Click here.

Kata Sparbot

  • On Numb Chuck's page, trade 20 Plastic Pellets for the Kata Sparbot Blueprint.
  • On Captain Jack Knife's page, trade 200 Plastic Pellets for 20 Cannon Scrap.
  • Build 4 Kata Sparbots at a cost of 5 Plastic Pellets and 5 Cannon Scrap each.

Sea Monster Bait

  • On Captain Jack Knife's page trade 20 Plastic Pellets for the Sea Monster Bait Blueprint.
  • On Numb Chuck's page trade him 200 Plastic Pellets for 20 Koi Sushi.
  • Build 4 Sea Monster Baits at a cost of 5 Plastic Pellets and 5 Koi Sushi each.

The Retuned Tuning Fork

Alternative Item Collection Method

  • Trade Friendly Felix 10 Plastic Pellets for an Arcade Token. (Or go to Cheatcode/Extralife's page to buy some Arcade Tokens)
  • Use the Arcade Token to play a Friendly Felix's Concert Module.
  • If you win, there is a 25% chance of receiving 2 Koi Sushi and a 25% chance of receiving 2 Cannon Scrap. That's two for the price of one!
  • There is also a 50% chance of winning other prizes. See Friendly Felix's Concert Module for details.

Minimum items required to complete the mini-rank

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