This is an unofficial list of known glitches in My LEGO Network. Note that there are many misdocumentations of the behavior of certain Modules, but these are not counted as bugs since the behavior is presumably intended.

Glitch name Description Security flaw*
Soundtrack Module Glitches Soundtrack Modules temporarily disappear when there are no Loops put into it and another user presses the "Play" button. Sometimes the play button does not work and the user must click twice; the first loads up the Loop and the second plays it. No
Enlarged Avatar Glitch This glitch zooms in on a Networker's Avatar so users can only see the top-left portion of it. No
Double-block Glitch Two users that block each other simultaneously do not appear anywhere on each others' Friend Lists, preventing them from unblocking each other or sending each other friend requests. No
Invisible Avatar Glitch This glitch causes all or part of a user's avatar to appear transparent. Yes
Capt Reynolds Glitch Capt Reynolds will not befriend anyone with the Star Justice Badge of Honor. No
Echo's Avatar Glitch This glitch causes a user's avatar to look like Echo as he appears in the MLN tutorials. Yes
Badge Glitches Oddly some users got the Old Timer Badge in 2007 and 2008. This has now been fixed. There is also a glitch where users can get the S.P.A. Badge, Rank 1 in 2009. This has also been fixed. No
User/creations mix-up Occasionally, a user's collection of Gallery and Factory creations becomes swapped with someone else's for a short period of time. The user can use the other user's creations to set up a Gallery or Factory Module. Also on rare occasions, users may have their username swapped with another's for a short time. No
Extra Module Glitch After changing your modules but NOT pressing save, if you go to anywhere within the private view and return to "edit page", there will be two of that module. However, if a user attempts to use the module, when they go to their public page, there is nothing. No
Agent Chase Mail Message After typing in all the cheat codes, unlocking all the hidden awards The Robot Chronicles gives you, and acheiving 100% in the game, you will recieve a message from Agent Chase; however, from what he says, it seems it was supposed to be sent from Dr Inferno. No
Agent Chase's Glitch Agent Chase would send out a message saying "Missing Copy" shortly after The Robot Chronicles was released. No
Arcade Award Glitches There are various glitches related to the images for awards on different Arcades. The LEGO Club Magazine Badge, Rank 2 picture appears in the place of some Loops and Sticker images on various Arcades, and the Destructoid Arcade Game displays its own Blueprint in the White LEGO Brick space. No
Overlapping Module Glitch This glitch allows the user to have overlapping modules on their page. The only known users that have the glitch are hisnin4ever and kayybee. No(Proof)
Haunted House Glitch The Delivery Arcade Game occasionally shows ghostly images of the houses relative to the game frame. No

*This refers to whether the glitch is actually a user-created hack.

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