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Loop Shoppe
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Loop Shoppe
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Rank of Introduction Rank 0
Description Allows you to buy Loops from Networkers!
Slots 1
Stats Guests spend listed price to buy the Loop. Remember you only need one of each type of Loop since you can use as many Loops in a Soundtrack as you like
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A Loop Shoppe (pronounced Loop Shop) is a one-slot Networker-only Module that sells Loops for a particular price in Items. The player doesn't need to be friends with the Module owner to buy the Loop in this particular case, but some variations require that s/he does need to befriend the Networker first. Lego Universe Networkers use a special type of Loop Shoppe called "Lego Universe Loop Shoppe".


Shoppe is the old way of spelling shop. Many users get confused and pronounce it shoppy, although it is really pronounced shop.

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