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Lumber Mill Module
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Lumber Mill Module
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Rank of Introduction Rank 2
Description Creates Lumber for you to use in your constructions.
Slots 1 Slot
How to Obtain Send Milmano a T-Square by mail
Cost to Build 30 Red Bricks and 1 Millstone
Stats Yields 15 Lumber a day, plus 1 for every 5 Clicks. Limit 45 Lumber per harvest
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The Lumber Mill Module is a one-slot Rank 2 Module used to create Lumber. This Module yields 15 Lumber a day, plus one extra for every five clicks. There is a limit of 45 Lumber per harvest. It grows 0.625 Lumber per hour.

How to Obtain

Send Milmano one T-Square to obtain the Blueprint.

Required to Build

Lumber mill module

The Blueprint

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