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Created in December of 2008 by Vanderdecken12, the MLN Help Blog was designed to keep readers up to date on news from the free, LEGO online game, My LEGO Network. After about six months it was expanded to cover all of This includes My LEGO Network, LEGO Universe, BIONICLE, and especially their games section among other topics. The success of this blog is due to high diligence, and the devotion of its followers, who take advantage of the "news bounty", which can go as high as 200 clicks for vital news. The blog is inactive now, the last news update was posted on December 16, 2012.

MLN Blog Philosophy

The philosophy of the blog is to provide a safe site containing trusted content which relies on a combination of high-quality stewardship and the devotion of LEGO's fans.


To ensure nothing inappropriate slips through, including LEGO secrets, all comments from non-authors go through moderation before they are approved.

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