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Magma Drone
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Magma Drone
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Rank of Introduction The Robot Chronicles
Description Dr Inferno's mechanical henchmen. you can trade this to him for all sorts of mad scientist stuff!
Use To obtain the Dr. Inferno's Robot Simulator Arcade Module
How to Obtain Harvest a Magma Drone Plant Module
Cost to Build None
Mailable? No
Blueprint? None
XML ID 0001f84a
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The Magma Drone is a non-mailable Item used in The Robot Chronicles Mini-Rank.

How to Obtain

This Item can be obtained by harvesting from a Magma Drone Plant Module, which only grows 1 every day, plus another one for every 5 clicks. You get it by playing the Robot Chronicles game.


Dr Inferno offers Dr. Inferno's Robot Simulator Module for 30 Magma Drones on his page. He also offers the Inferno Robot Sticker for 5 Magma Drones through a Sticker Shoppe on his page.

The Robot Chronicles
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Dr. Inferno's Robot Simulator Module | Magma Drone Plant Module | The Robot Chronicles Trophy Module

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