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Magma Drone Plant Module
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MLN Magma Drones Plant
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Rank of Introduction The Robot Chronicles Mini Rank
Description Create your own legion of Magma Drones just like Doctor Inferno!
Slots 1 Slot
How to Obtain Trade Dr Inferno 10 Clippings
Cost to Build 5 Red LEGO Bricks
Stats Grows 1 Magma Drone per day plus one for every 5 clicks, limit 10 per harvest.
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The Magma Drone Plant Module is a one-slot Module used during The Robot Chronicles Mini-Rank. This Module grows one Magma Drone per day, plus 1 for every 5 clicks, with a harvest limit of 10.

How to Obtain

The Blueprint for this Module can be obtained from Dr Inferno for 10 Clippings after a user gets the Keys to LEGO City Badge.

Required to Build


The Blueprint


This Module would often take up two slots, even though it only appeared as one on a page. This Glitch has been fixed. When a guest goes to a page with this Module, the vote button was just the word "Vote" in a black box. When the owner harvested the Module, the harvest button was simply the word "Harvest" in a black box, and it didn't show the Items being harvested. Later, the button could be found at the bottom left, and if harvested, the Items harvested were shown too far left. This has also been fixed.


You can also find a glich when you are voting,which can make your votes go on for ever.

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