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Mind Control Emitter
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Rank of Introduction Rank 6
Description An amazing piece of technology most sought after by spies
Use Building the Enchanting Harp Masterpiece
How to Obtain Send JP Variety the Forged Master Codebook
Cost to Build None
Mailable? Yes
Blueprint? None
XML ID 0000c67f
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The Mind Control Emitter is a Rank 6 Item used to build the Enchanting Harp Masterpiece.

How to Obtain

This Item is obtained by mailing JP Variety the Forged Master Codebook. There is no Blueprint for this Item.


This Item is a component of the Enchanting Harp Masterpiece, which the player needs to build to get to Rank 7.


Rank 6 is not only the Rank of musicians, it is also the Rank of secret agents and a secret Networker named Rita Blisstow. This secret Networker tries to get the Mind Control Emitter so another Networker of Rank 6 can't get it and give it to his master so that his master can rule the world. If the player sends the "traitor" the Forged Master Codebook, he will then send the Mind Control Emitter, which has the power to control the world.

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