In the My LEGO Network Tutorial 12: Inventory & Blueprints Echo describes your Inventory and Blueprints.

Cast: Echo

Running time: 33 seconds


{Echo with his body is shown, but suddenly his head flies up into the sky. The camera is locked onto Echo's head, until the words 'My LEGO Network Tutorial 12: Inventory & Blueprints' appears on screen. A few seconds later, we see Echo's head again.}

ECHO: All this stuff is yours! Your inventory works like a bank to keep track of all your Items, Stickers, Loops, Modules, and Masterpieces. You can build more Modules and Items if you have earned its Blueprint. You can see all the things you know how to make in your Blueprint browser. Right now, you know how to make the LEGO Apple: it's made from Red LEGO Bricks. You can make one now if you'd like! When you're done, why don't you take a look at your Public Page to see how it's doing? Come back whenever you're ready. thumb|300px|right

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