Echo describes Masterpieces and Ranks.

Cast: Echo

Running time: 0:34


{Echo with his body is shown, but suddenly his head flies up into the sky. The camera is locked onto Echo's head, until the words 'My LEGO Network Tutorial 14: Masterpieces' appears on screen. A few seconds later, we see Echo's head again.}

ECHO: Masterpieces are special Items that, when created, make you rise in Rank. Once you've constructed a Masterpiece, you can speak with more and more Networkers and expand what you can build and create on your page.

Rising in Rank also gives you more Votes to use each day. Masterpieces start out very easy to make, and become harder and harder as you get to higher levels — but I think you're up for the challenge!

Well, you're almost done with my little tour, so last but not least, click on the "Mailbox" tab to learn all about how to mail your friends!

Tutorial 1400:35

Tutorial 14

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