The Tutorial 1 is a tutorial in which Echo explains the basics of My LEGO Network (Hello World!).

Cast: Echo

Running time: 0:44


{Echo with his body is shown, but suddenly his head flies up into the sky. The camera is locked onto Echo's head, until the words 'My LEGO Network Tutorial 1: Hello World!' appears on screen. A few seconds later, we see Echo's head again.}

ECHO: Hi! {Hi!} I'm Echo - your first friend in My LEGO Network. With a My LEGO Network webpage, all the fun of is yours to control! {control!} You can Mail with your friends, collect, trade, and build virtual items, and show off your creativity to the whole wide world! {world!} There's so much to do, so let me be your guide to get you up to speed. If you ever need help, just click on the 'Help' tab in the upper right portion of your screen. You can look at cool guides, and even watch these videos again in the 'Getting Started' section - in case you miss anything. Okay! {Okay!} Let's get started building your Page. Click the 'Page builder' tab to begin! {begin!}

My LEGO Network Tutorials
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