In the My LEGO Network Tutorial 5: Friendlist, Echo explains what the Friend List is.

Cast: Echo

Running time: 0:38


{Echo with his body is shown, but suddenly his head flies up into the sky. The camera is locked onto Echo's head, until the words 'My LEGO Network Tutorial 5: Friendlist' appears on screen. A few seconds later, we see Echo's head again.}

ECHO: This is the My LEGO Network Friend List. For someone to be on your Friend List, first you need to approve them. You can also delete and block people from your Friend List if you don't want them as friends. This will keep them from trying to add you as a friend again. You see me on there? The 'N' by my avatar means that I'm a Networker - a special kind of LEGO imaginary friend. When you click on a person's name or Avatar on the Friends List, it will take you to that person's page. Go take a look at my page by clicking my avatar or name, and I'll tell you all about Networkers when you come back.



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