Echo describes the Page Builder and how the colors and backgrounds of Modules can be customized.

Cast: Echo

Running time: 0:47


{Echo with his body is shown, but suddenly his head flies up into the sky. The camera is locked onto Echo's head, until the words 'My LEGO Network Tutorial 7: Page Builder' appears on screen. A few seconds later, we see Echo's head again.}

ECHO: Let's get building! Drag a couple of Modules over to your page. You can edit the properties of each one like its color or skin in the Module's edit mode. Some Modules like the LEGO Tree grow Items for you to collect, other Modules like the Gallery Module show off your creativity, and some do both! All of your Modules collect other users' clicks - and you'll need a lot of Clicks if you want to rise the ranks and to the top of the My LEGO Network charts! (charts!) If you look, you'll notice that both the Gallery Module and Factory Module need an image or "LEGO Digital Designer" file to work. You'll need to get your Modules uploaded and approved in the gallery in order for this to happen. Click on the "Collections" tab in your Private View to find out more...

MLN tutorial 700:48

MLN tutorial 7

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