My LEGO TV is a tool in My LEGO Network, that allows users to view short commercials and other relevant videos. My LEGO TV does not cost the user anything to view.

There are 12 current videos in the My LEGO TV. There have not been any new videos since My LEGO Network went public, aside from the 15 Tutorial videos that give instructions on how to use MLN, the LEGO Universe Video, and the Dice Quest Video.

Current Videos

  • 1953 First LEGO commercial broadcast in Europe
  • 1974 LEGO commercial
  • 1978 LEGOLAND Europe commercial
  • 1983 LEGO Trains commercial
  • 1986 What if Alexander Graham Bell played with LEGO toys LEGO commercial
  • 1986 What if Thomas Edison played with LEGO toys commercial
  • 1987 What if the Wright Brothers played with LEGO toys commercial
  • 1989 LEGO Pirate commercial
  • 1989 Zack the LEGO Maniac commercial
  • 1996 LEGO Insectoids commercial
  • 2001 BIONICLE Teaser 1
  • 2001 BIONICLE Teaser 2
  • 2002 BIONICLE Bohrok commercial
  • 2003 BIONICLE Toa Nuva commercial
  • 2005 BIONICLE Toa Hordika Teaser
  • 2006 BIONICLE Piraka Teaser
  • 2007 BIONICLE Barraki commercial
  • 2007 BIONICLE Toa Mahri commercial
  • 2009 LEGO Universe Video
  •  ? LEGO dice quest video

Available videos

Below is a list of videos, their names, and their descriptions according to LEGO.

Name Description
The great LEGO mail heist of 1983! A retro TV commercial for LEGO Trains...
Ahoy, Matey! A 1989 TV commercial for LEGO Pirates...
What if the Wright Brothers had played with LEGO? Fly back to 1987 with another vintage TV commercial from the LEGO archives.
LEGO LAND A European TV commercial from 1978!
Insects invade! Watch the LEGO Insectoids TV Commercial from 1998...
From deep in the LEGO archives... It's the first ever LEGO TV commercial, which was broadcast in Europe in 1953.
It's a new toy everyday! A fun, wacky LEGO TV commercial from 1974...
Hello? Hello? Is anybody there? Check out this Alexander Graham Bell LEGO TV commercial from 1986...
Blast back to 1989... This LEGO TV commercial features Zack the LEGO Maniac!
What would Thomas Edison have built with LEGO? A classic TV commercial from 1986...
2005 BIONICLE Teaser The Hordika on the rise!
2003 BIONICLE Teaser Behold the Toa Nuva
2007 BIONICLE Short See the Toa Mahri in action!
2006 BIONICLE Teaser The PIRAKA, bad guys... very bad guys
Barraki They're back!
2001 BIONICLE Teaser 2 See the how BIONICLE began...
2002 BIONICLE Bohrok Video Bohrok are hatching!
2001 BIONICLE Teaser 1 How it all began...
From deep in the LEGO Universe archives... LEGO Universe
Found on one of the designers' computers... Dice Quest

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