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Nebular Crystal
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Nebular Crystal
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Rank of Introduction Rank 9
Description High class Power Crystal used to power space craft
Use To buy and construct the Intergalactic Cruiser Masterpiece and other Various Rank 9 and Rank 10 trades
How to Obtain Click on another user's Nebular Crystal Mine Module, or set up your own and wait for Clicks
Cost to Build None
Mailable? Yes
Blueprint? None
XML ID 0000c829
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The Nebular Crystal is a mailable Rank 9 Item. They are mainly created by Nebular Crystal Mine Modules; however they also are mailed out by the Stardust and Galactic Modules. Over 400 Nebular Crystals are required to get to Rank 10. Most MLN users also call them "Neb(s)", which is short for Nebular Crystal(s).


How to Obtain

when clicked.

See Also

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