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Numb Chuck
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Quote . . .Did ya learn that from a pirate? KIYAA!! Zzz. . .
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Numb Chuck is a Rank 1 LEGO Universe themed Networker. The LEGO Universe Creation Lab Badge is required to befriend him. His name is a pun on nunchuck, a weapon consisting of two or three cylindrical rods connected by chains.

His MLN description reads:

Numb Chuck leads a LEGO Universe ninja clan. After scouring the universe for the proper natural harmonies, he built his dream dojo within a forested canyon. Numb Chuck falls asleep at any hint of boredom, so he always seeks creative action. Singing karaoke is one of his beloved hobbies. Numb Chuck has recently been perfecting his karaoke version of the pop tune "Our Bricks are Sealed" (a fictitious parody on Our Lips are Sealed.)


Numb Chuck's Networker Pic Module.

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