Spoiler warning: The following article or section is about a secret Networker or other hidden information within MLN.

MLN Item Skin Header
MLN Item Skin Frame Top
MLN Item Skin Frame Bottom
Minimum Rank to Start Rank 4
Item Primarily Used Phantom Orchids
How to Start Mail Jen Juniper a Potted Plant
Reward for Completing The Seal of the P.O.S.,The P.O.S. Badge,and the Gated Garden Module
MLN Item Skin Footer

The P.O.S. or Phantom Orchid Society is a secret organization that was created for MLN, and one of the mini-Ranks. The walkthrough for the P.O.S. mini-Rank can be found here.

There are 4 known Members:

There are five Items, one Module and one Badge related to this organization:




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