Spoiler warning: The following article or section is about a secret Networker or other hidden information within MLN.
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P.O.S. Seal Fragment 2
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Rank of Introduction P.O.S.
Description A Fragment of Phantom Orchid Society Seal - the back reads "..of..."
Use Is used to make the Seal of the P.O.S.
How to Obtain Send Radia a Phantom Orchid
Cost to Build None
Mailable? No
Blueprint? None
XML ID 0000b04c
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The P.O.S. Seal Fragment 2 is a non-mailable P.O.S. Item used to make the Seal of the P.O.S.

How to Obtain


On all backs of the Fragment Pieces have words carved in, together they form a sentence that reveals You-know-who. The back of this Fragment reads: "...of...".

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